SO Prints

These are stills from an interactive piece. You don't want to know the story behind them.


But, if you do, it is at the bottom of the page.

I did two interactive CDs when it was more of a thing to do. The first one, entitled Sometimes, took about a year to make. It started out as a yarn about innocent mysticism (at first it was titled Sometimes Things Disappear When You Look Really Close). As I worked on it, it morphed into a thing about randomness and life, so the title got truncated. Convenient.


Following a successful reception to Sometimes, I went in reductionism mode and created another piece titled SO. So simple, it needed no mouse-clicks, it was about time and movement (hence the graphic shapes of 'S' and 'O'). And a dose of the inane (hence the meaning of the word 'so'). After a year of working on SO, things started to fall apart. First, I had to add mouse-clicks to avoid too much ZenFrustration. Shucks.


Secondly, the web happened: With so much time spent touring the world with glazed eyes fixed to a monitor the last thing anyone (including myself) would want to do is look at a creative work on the screen. CDs became quickly outmoded as a vehicle for expression.


The third thing: This piece depended on the technology it was created with. I assembled the piece predicting the approximate speed of computers when the program was done. Computers didn't let me down, but manufacturer of the programming language I was using did. They channeled their resources to web programs, leaving the programming language I was using to languish.


From here on out I want hard copy.