Iowa Pretty Pictures

After putting together three sets of Iowa photographs (Pick of the Litter, Bad Day, and Travells), there was something missing. There was a side to the state that was the equivalent to the air on a summer evening right after sunset. Nice. Pleasant. Pretty.


The Pretty Pictures are just that. Not monumental or overwhelming. I hope not cliche. At least not very cliche.

South of Plain View

East of Klinger

Heery Woods

North of Garrison

North of Dows

North of Dinsdale

Mississippi, Pikes Peak State Park

North of Marshalltown

South of Finchford

South of Britt

North of Newton

Cedar River, Waverly

North of Shellrock

Cedar River, Waverly

North of Oelwein

North of Lincoln



West of Luxemburg

West of Petersburg

Wapsipinicon, West of Buck Creek

The horizon. That's what you remember. It is always there, the division between gold and blue in the autumn, between green and blue in the summer, between white and white in the winter.


The colors. Green, blue, golden brown. That is about it.


The garden. Moving to Iowa, driving across highway 3, my impression was a huge garden—vast expanses of plantings with small interruptions of tree clusters.